Tuckpointing and Repointing

repointing brick walls Kitchener ON

When chimneys and fireplaces are exposed to the harshest conditions for a long time, they are subjected to various damages here and there. And when it comes to repairing your chimneys and fireplaces, Kitchener Masonry is the best in the game. Our contractors know their job and work around the clock to make sure your fireplace looks new for a long time. We offer tuckpointing and repointing services. Tuckpointing is a process where mortar joints are restored to resemble a rubbed brick. On the other hand, repointing refers to repairing walls or chimneys and fireplaces that have damaged joints. Unlike tuckpointing, this type of repair is done with the goal of strengthening the foundation. Repointing is the best choice for covering minor faults. However, in case of major issues like loose bricks, etc., it is better to replace the whole set as it may be dangerous for you.

Also, tuckpointing has its fair share of advantages. It is often used for brick masonry and helps keep the original structure intact. Moreover, old buildings and residences are also exposed to corrosion agents, which might weaken the foundation. However, our tuckpointing techniques ensure stability and durability. Moreover, it helps your house seal the moisture, which might cause damaged walls, etc. Besides, if you are planning to put your property on sale, tuckpointing and repointing is your best bet. Why? They add to the esthetic appeal and make your house unique, thereby increasing the integrity and value of your house.

There are other additional benefits that come with these services. We also help you take care of your foundation even after the job is done. We also schedule timely repair services to let you feel relieved. You don’t have to worry about anything! We are here for you. Our team of professional contractors makes sure your family property remains strong and standing for the years to come.

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