Brick Repair and Installation

masonry worker installing brick Kitchener ON

The secret to a happy home is a strong foundation. This is why it is also important to have a strong foundation while constructing a house. Moreover, having faulty, loose walls can be an eyesore for many. It may also lead to some major problems that might compromise your safety. Therefore, our professionals use safety measures and offer brick restoration services as well.

We are always transparent in our undertaking and hence help you understand every part of the job. At Kitchener Masonry, we use modern resources and techniques to repair your wall. Firstly, we analyze the damage and remove the deteriorating, damaged brick through tools like a power drill, chisel, etc. After this, we remove the old mortar and prepare the new mortar that perfectly matches the older one. Also, if the grey is too bland for you, we offer a colored mortar mix to spice things up! Our services extend even after the job is done!

Our creative team of brick masons offers brick installation in different colors, styles, and designs. You can choose from different patterns, curves, arches, and twists for bricks and give a classy look to your building.

Brick masonry is often considered durable and hard compared to wooden or stone masonry. Moreover, bricks also contribute to the esthetic appeal of your house. Bricks are also compatible with any mortar mix and save you from denting your pocket.

If you are a fan of brick veneers, our contractors have your back! We also deliver superior brick veneer installation and repair services to make your house stand out from the rest! Moreover, veneers are often lightweight and have great benefits. Also, installing a veneer is a much cheaper option than others on the list. In addition, our contractors at Kitchener Masonry help your home become a unique space that captures hearts instantly. We offer customized veneers that come in designs and colors of your choice.

Are you looking for brick repair and installation services? What are you waiting for? Call us today and book an appointment with our professionals!


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