beautiful stone masonry fireplace Kitchener ON

In recent years, stone esthetics have been on the rise. Are you a fan of stone masonry? If your answer is yes, Kitchener Masonry has some of the best options to offer. However, if you are new to the idea, stone masonry is referred to as constructing a building using stones mixed with mortar. Compared to brick masonry, stone masonry is considered to be much stronger, durable, and can resist harsh weather conditions.

Our stoneworks service includes all types of stone masonry like rubble masonry, ashlar masonry, and squared stone masonry. In the case of rubble masonry, it is made of natural stone that is not laid uniformly. We also give you the liberty to choose from the coursed and uncoursed options. In coursed foundations, the stones are leveled off at certain heights. On the contrary, uncoursed stoneworks are done without mortar in slope walls, etc.

Ashlar masonry is one of the popular construction choices these days. They resemble brick masonry and are laid uniformly in 1 or 2-inch thickness. This type of masonry is further divided into two types: regular coursed ashlar and broken ashlar.

Regular coursed ashlar or cut-stone work is usually rectangular blocks of different sizes that the clients often cut as desired. Moreover, this type of masonry is uniform in height. The other type of broken ashlar is also a rectangular block of stone that is cut in different sizes and does not have equal thickness or edges. They are also laid in a haphazard layout and do not resemble similar heights.

We also offer other trendy masonry options like square stone masonry, stone veneer, slipform masonry, etc. Among them, stone masonry is also one of the popular choices this year. At Kitchener Masonry, we provide different types of square stone masonry like range masonry, broken range, and random range.

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