concrete and foundation repair

concrete foundation repair Kitchener ON

Every home is a treasure trove of memories. However, due to various factors and aging, your houses are subjected to damage. With time, these damages are visible and need care to handle. Wondering how to know it is the right time? Well, signs like wall rotation, cracked bricks, faulty moldings, uneven flooring, and cracked floors tell you it is time to call someone who is best in the game.

Moreover, foundation issues differ from area to area. The soil type mostly plays a great role in determining such issues. Regions with high clay content and coastal regions often face more damages than the rest. Our professionals at Kitchener Masonry are the best at their jobs. Not only do they analyze the problems but also take environmental factors into account to make sure your foundation stands the test of time. While figuring out the repair strategies, it is also important to understand what non-structural and structural cracks are.

In the case of non-structural cracks, they occur vertically or diagonally and are often caused due to the expansion and contraction of concrete foundations. On the contrary, structural cracks occur horizontally and are caused as a result of setting soil.

Kitchener Masonry offers a wide range of concrete and foundation repair methods in and around Kitchener, ON. We specialize in sealants and masonry patches. Our techniques and materials are waterproof that prevents any further damage. We use hydraulic cement, vinyl concrete, etc., to tackle minor foundation cracks. Although the damage might be minor, it is important to maintain regular maintenance to keep everything under check.

We also offer mud jacking, piling or piercing, steel pressed piling, concrete pressed piling services, etc. Mud jacking is a process that is used to lift uneven or drowning concrete. Moreover, slab jacking is the best choice if you are on a budget, as it is a quick repair procedure that doesn’t require replacing the whole structure.

Does your house need some concrete and foundation repair? Well, we are here for you. Give us a call today!

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