wall parging contractor Kitchener ON

When it comes to taking care of your stone masonry work, you just can’t look the other way. However, changing your stonework can be an expensive option. This is why Kitchener Masonry brings you parging installation and repair services to keep your masonry wall as good as new for a long time.

If you are new to it, parging is a process used by a stonemason to layer on a simple brick or brick veneer wall or even stone walls with the help of a mixture called mortar to safeguard your home from extrinsic elements like hail, snow, etc.

Although they are compared to stucco over brick, parging has a wide array of benefits. We offer parging during masonry projects and also as an effective and affordable repair option. Every home shows signs of aging over time. There could be cracks, scratches, etc., that could lead to various damage if left unchecked. Parging adds additional strength and structural integrity to your building. You can also cover up any flaws and keep your home as good as new for a long time. Wondering what your parging is made of? Well, it usually consists of a mixture of lime, water, and cement.

If you are worried about increasing heating bills due to poor wall and ceiling insulation, we are here for you! Our parging technique guarantees great insulation and more energy conservation. Moreover, chimneys and fireplaces require repairs from time to time. Leaving those faulty cracks in your chimney unattended can lead to severe safety hazards like gas leaks, etc. In addition, our contractors also offer customized parging services. You can choose your design and color to make your house stay ahead of the game. Moreover, if you are on a budget, changing your complete stonework now and then is not a good idea. Instead, you can go for parging repair or installation since it lasts longer and is a budget-friendly option.

Looking for parging installation or repairs? Transform your home into a new one, and it starts just with a call!

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